Depth of Testing

Testing is more about heuristics than its about the computer science.A testing professional has to keep his eyes and ears open.
Complete testing is not something which you can gauge with some tools and you can tell "Yeah, I will complete it in a week". Hah...no way..what you can do is, you can judge the test cases and tell, what test cases can be ignored or 'not be carried out or documented'.But for that you need experience, shrewdness and better understanding of the software application you are testing.

When we consider the software application, you cannot tell what exactly is going on, what it does, whom is it for. Now don't tell me you can get the details from the requirement analysis, I would say no! you cannot get the exactness of the application. You need to derive from the requirement document consulting with the clients and the developers. You, as a tester need to churn out the details by tuning the minds of the stakeholders, those who are associated with the application.

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