As I am a certified tester(CSTE), people have a hell lot of queries regarding the certifications...at my work place, my friend circle and so and so ..So i thought of creating an FAQ for all the aspiring CSTE candidates..


Q. What is CSTE?

A. CSTE is Certified Software Tester. This is a globally approved certification administered by Quality Assurance Institute, USA (QAI) and is mainly intended for the Software Quality Professionals.

Q. What is the eligibility Criteria for CSTE Certification?

A. To qualify for candidacy, each applicant must meet one of three prerequisites:

1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college-level institution,

2. An associate’s degree and two years of experience in the information services field, or

3. Six years of experience in the information services field.

The application requires the applicant to provide details supporting the option selected.

No formal proof of education or employment is required at the time of application; however, you may later receive a request for verification of education, or verification of employment, or both, depending upon a compliance sample selected according to program criteria. If selected for verification, such verification must be supplied to the program prior to sitting for any necessary examinations.

Q. What is the Syllabus for this certification?

A. Syllabus for CSTE changes as per the industry demand and is not consistent. This syllabus is updated in CSTE CBOK (Common Body Of Knowledge).

Q. What is the exam format?

A. The four and a half-hour exam is made up of four parts; two parts multiple-choice and two parts essay and short answer. You will have forty-five minutes to complete each of the multiple-choice sections and one hour and fifteen minutes to complete each of the essay and short answer sections. There is a ten-minute break between each part.

Q. What is the passing Criteria for CSTE?

A. Scoring 75% individually in all the four papers.

Q. Is CSTE study material available easily?

A. All applicants will receive a CD of the Guide to the Common Body of Knowledge. Bibliographic references are included in the applicable Body of Knowledge description for information purposes. Candidates are expected to know and pursue other and more recent resources.

Q. Does one have to attend any preliminary courses before giving this certification exam?

A. The examination presumes that you have had a broad exposure to quality practices and have reviewed and read the current literature available on quality management in their particular area. The Quality Assurance Institute, as administrator of Software Certifications, does not infer that attending specific courses or programs will significantly enhance the your chances of passing the examination.

If you have extensive experience in the quality practices described in the knowledge domains of the Body of Knowledge (CBOK), the examination should not be difficult.

Q. Would CSTE be valuable if I am a manager?

A. Yes, CSTE CBOK contains domains, which are building blocks that contribute towards good project management since they address fundamental issues of sound quality assurance and testing practices, and other significant skills needed for Project Managers.

Q. I am proficient enough in my work, then why is the need of Certification?

A. Acquiring the designation of Certified Software Tester (CSTE) indicates a professional level of competence in the principles and practices of quality control in the IT profession. There is a set of code of ethics, which QAI expects the CSTE professional to follow.

Q. What are the benefits of becoming a CSTE?

A. Following are the benefits of being certified.

  1. For the Individual
  • CSTE certification is proof that you've mastered a basic skill set recognized worldwide in the Testing arena.
  • CSTE certification helps to achieve more rapid career advancement.
  • Results in greater acceptance in the role of an advisor to upper management.
  • Assists individuals in improving and enhancing their organization's software testing programs.
  • Motivates personnel having software-testing responsibilities to maintain their professional competency.

  1. For the Organization
  • CSTE is expected to be a 'change agent', someone who can change the culture and work habits of individuals to make quality in software testing happen.
  • Aids organizations in selecting and promoting qualified individuals
  • Demonstrates an individual's willingness to improve professionally.
  • Defines the tasks (skill domains) associated with software testing duties in order to evaluate skill mastery.
  • Acknowledges attainment of an acceptable standard of professional competency

Q. What is the fee for Certification?

A. The initial fee for the CSTE and CSQA is $350.00 (USD); this includes the application processing fee, administration fee, your initial sitting fee and a CD of the Guide to the Common Body of Knowledge. If you sit for the exam the first time and do not receive passing marks, there is an additional fee of $100.00 (USD) for each retake (limit two).

The above-mentioned fees can differ. It is requested to check the following link for any updates in fee structure. http://www.softwarecertifications.org/qai_apply.htm - 003

Q. What is the validity period of CSTE Certification?

A. Validity of the Certification is 3 years.

Q. What I have to do for extending the validity of CSTE Certification?

A. You can extend your CSTE status through Recertification, either by gaining Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits of 120 points in 3 years or by taking a Recertification Examination.

Q. I want to know more about CSTE Certification?

A. You can visit http://www.softwarecertifications.org/ .

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