Automation always fascinates a tester. Even it has sowed a seed in the naive(in automation) mind of this blogger. I was thinking where to start with. I worked on perl once and my love for this language never faded off. It is the most beautiful scripting/programming language I ever came across.

It is so adaptable and flexible in usage that DBAs, web developers and testers equally use it with ease.One more thing I like about perl is the usage is regex which makes it very efficient in performance.

One of the major myth about perl is that it is a procedural language…I must shout and repeat "PERL SUPPORTS OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING!" :) 

People also say it is not a comercial product, so we can't count on it much…People have stopped respecting the things which are available free. Open your eyes and Google it. :)Most of the beautiful things around us are free. Larry Wall has been very kind on us for not commercialising perl.

In this object oriented world of JAVA, where there is no use of reference and pointers (which is a superficial claim, now and there I see "null pointer exception"! :P), people find the usage of reference in perl hard to use.

Perl has two slogans:

  1.  There's more than one way to do it
  2. Easy things should be easy and hard things should be possible

I am going to take a dip in the world of Perl again…no matter what… catch you soon!

PS: The details author mentioned here is a combination of his personal experience on perl and current research on internet to start the 'perl'ing again!


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