Communication with developer

Better communication is an ability which the tester should possess to understand the product better and hence achieve a smoother release. Simple formula is to 'Ask a lot of questions'. How tight the situation be. One has to clear all doubts about the functionality before proceeding with the testing.
If we lack to understand the functionality or what the product is supposed to do, in an appropriate manner, it will result in catastrophe.
I would like to narrate an incident which happened during the initial stage of my career..
I tested the functionality with so much enthusiasm that, within 5 mins I got 5 bugs in the application.. :-). I stopped the testing for a while and I thought,something is fishy here.. either the developer is a dumbass or I am extra genius. Bugs which I caught were not the one which needed a genius, those we simple..too simple.

At the initial stage of my career I did not have the courage to judge the developer. I stopped my work there. I took a notebook and pencil, and went directly to the developer. He explained me the whole functionality. There it turned out that most of the bugs( as per my judgment) were features :-).

Did you see..what brings communication to a process...to the methodology of testing.

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